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Soliviere is a leading art advisory at the forefront of art intelligence (AI) — the practice of maximizing intellectual and emotional synergy between person and space. We conceptualize and build unique liaisons between artists and collectors to create environments that stimulate greater productivity, efficiency and achievement.

Her eponymous strategic art advisory bridges the gap between the pure aesthetic pleasure of art and the intellectual criteria for curating a meaningful collection.

Art is to be experienced, not merely observed.

Oliviere has merged her deep knowledge of design and art history with her passion for philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. Soliviere is the culmination of her innate fascination with the influence of art on human emotion and identity.

Oliviere’s vision is to deepen the understanding of how art in our everyday surroundings affects our thoughts, feelings and actions — and to enable investors to curate collections that inspire even greater creativity and next-level thinking.

Art is reality imagined and ideation experienced.

Private Investments

Soliviere specializes in strategizing, developing and curating personal collections to achieve a desired experience and emotional space. Whether integrating existing artworks into a cohesive collection or building a portfolio from square one, we enable savvy individuals to achieve their art investment goals.

Corporate Investments

Soliviere is committed to revolutionizing the way we cultivate and experience professional environments. Through the strategic selection and curation of engaging artworks, we foster synergy between a company’s culture and its aesthetic identity — empowering innovative leaders to unlock greater creativity and achievement in the corporate sphere.

Strategic Partnerships

Soliviere collaborates with businesses looking to incorporate art or artists into their projects. From developing business plans to brokering introductions, we excel in making the right strategic match to position your company at the avant-garde.

Strategic Consulting for Artists

Soliviere leverages our expertise and wealth of relationships with art organizations worldwide to equip promising artists with valuable tactical advice as well as important connections. From counseling on branding and aesthetics to gallery introductions and business modeling, our consultation gives emerging talent a critical advantage for lasting success.

Art is the most successful translation of the mind’s abstractions into something tangible.

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Art Intelligence

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